The Eternal City


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The last stop on my 5 week holiday is the beautiful Rome! I’ve been to Rome once before and was blown away by the beauty and history, I just had to come back (and I guess the coins I threw in the Trevi Fountain all those years ago have made that return to Rome come true).Β  Although I have seen a lot of Rome’s Historical Centre, I have also seen places on the outskirts of Rome, such as Tivoli and Villa Adriana which were both beautiful. As I was on a tour last time, and had access to many places, I am very excited to visit these places on my own and at my own peril.

At the top of my list is;

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The Spanish Steps and Piazza Di Spagna. I just think that area is so pretty and so full of life with so many tourists that I just want to sit on the steps and soak up the surroundings, as well as do some window shopping along Via Condotti (don’t think my university budget will be able to afford any items in those designer stores, especially on the last leg of my holiday, however a girl can dream!).

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The Trevi Fountain. STUNNING. I just loved it! Now that it is supposedly fully restored I can’t wait to visit it again. I aim to visit the fountain at night, as I have seen the beauty of it during the day, and only seen images of it at night, it gives it a totally different atmosphere and just another element of beauty that I can’t wait to see. I also hope to get a gelato from the famous gelato shop just to the left of the fountain. And, I will definitely be throwing some more coins into the fountain.

Running in close behind these two include;

  • The Colosseum (I mean who goes to Rome and doesn’t see it!)
  • Campo De Fiori
  • The Pantheon
  • Trastevere, which is known for being a popular neighborhood for many

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I know there is much more of Rome there is to see, however only being there two days doesn’t give me a lot of time, but also I have seen it before.

I just feel as though Rome has so many beautiful little neighborhoods which makes it such a beautiful and unique city.

Anyway guys, looks like my last stop is done and dusted, however onto more exciting news I’ll in Spain this time next month! (WOO)

I’m sure I’ll speak to you all soon, updating you on my travel essentials and what I’ll be packing in my suitcase.