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GoPro Hero+ LCD

Does that mean I’m all set for my upcoming holiday in June? Maybe not, but it does feel like it. After much consideration I finally purchased a GoPro Hero+ LCD. It will be perfect for my travels through sunny Europe in June and July. Initially I was just going to take my iPhone as my camera as I’ll be traveling solo and didn’t want to lug too much stuff around, however I decided to get the GoPro as its the perfect size for what I am wanting to achieve, and I get to take cool underwater pics and vids!

As I type it is on charge, so I haven’t had much playing around, except for the settings (and I’m yet to buy the SD card, so I won’t get too far without one of those). However the addition of the touch screen is what made the purchase essential, as well as the $100 discount. I’ve also downloaded the GoPro app for easy transfer of my photos and videos so I can keep everyone at home up to date on my travels.

I’m looking forward to using it, but will definitely get practice before I leave (in 98 days πŸ˜†πŸ˜†)

I’ll definitely be speaking to you before I leave , updating you on my travel plans, what I’m looking forward to the most, the decision to travel solo and what I’ll be taking.

Speak soon.